Cemetery Visit

On September 11 I drove through Gaylord on my way south to Lansing, MI. I stopped at a small cemetery outside of town, among fields–it was a gorgeous sunny day for a visit. It was a quiet tour except for a crow that cawed the entire time I walked around the graves. For me, it was a way to remember 9/11 and its huge loss.

She Votes

Bonnie J. Smith, member of the Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art, organized a collaborative project this year, “She Votes.” She collected 4X6″ pieces of art to make a handmade book that commemorates the 19th Amendment passed in 1920. More than 110 original works were created by 69 members of the Women’s Caucus for Art from across the country. I was most happy to participate!

Fem Power!
Suffrage Centennial Rocks!

Gelli Plate Printing

I tried printing with a gelli plate yesterday for the first time — it is great fun! I used a 12″ square plate and acrylic paint along with stencils. Many thanks to a kind and generous friend who gifted all the stencils!

Mark Montano Postcard Swap

Mark Montano is hosting a postcard swap–WOW! Submit 10 postcards and receive 10 in the mail–so it cost $10 to participate! I had lots of fun creating 12 collage postcards using recycled mat board, color pencils, a gold crayon, acrylic paint, a small stencil, and images of women. Postcards due by August 30, 2020–check his Facebook page for details–

SEPTEMBER 13th UPDATE: I received wonderful, terrific postcards in return! What a wonderful project to alleviate Corona Chaos–thanks to Mark Montano!