ARTpath 2021?????

I just applied for ARTpath and I am hoping my proposal is accepted for this summer. It is an annual event sponsored by the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center along with the City of Lansing, Parks and Recreation, I want to entangle rope around a fence railing on the River Trail…who knows what will happen? Wish me the best and keep on truckin’!

This is rope pupa

Play: Intuitive Mixed Media

I enjoyed an online workshop yesterday with Eric Scott, Play: Intuitive Mixed Media! We worked with 4″ square pieces of mixed media paper, in addition to supplies of your choice. Eric presented processes and prompts to delve deeper into layering. I used watercolor paint, paint sticks, drawing pencil, color pencil, acrylic paint pen, along with collage–jumping from 4″ squares to 5X8″ pieces of paper. What a wonderful class, I highly recommend it for using your intuition in a dynamic manner.

Woven Paper Hearts

Helen Hiebert has a wonderful video on making woven paper hearts! ( To begin, cut out 6″ squares–2 pieces per heart. I like using recycled papers but I also used scrapbook paper scraps. Find below a few of my experiments–I had better luck using a slightly stiffer, thicker paper for my heart and a thinner paper for my weaving strips.


Captain Nemo was helping me yesterday–from the vantage point ON TOP of the drying rack. He surveyed the scene with a cool gaze…….

Don’t bother me!

“Radical Tradition”

I visited the Toledo Museum of Art ( last week to view the exhibition Radical Tradition: American Quilts and Social Change. The exhibit is open until February 14th and requires a ticket to enter. It is a fantastic show and I highly recommend it–a wide range of expressions; thought provoking, emotional, angry, and pensive. Fabric pieces dating to mid-19th century are collected in this interesting group. My photos are only a selected few works.

Siddi-Style Stitching

I really enjoyed Zooming with the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild yesterday! I participated in Mary Hogan’s ( workshop, Siddi-Style Quiltmaking–it was fabulous. She had us begin with cotton quilt fabrics and an 18X22″ piece of fabric as a basis along with scraps for the top. Then the layer in between top and bottom is another piece of scrap fabric or muslin. Simple and fun to stitch!

Creative Renewal Virtual Retreat

I enjoyed a luxurious time this past weekend participating in an online art workshop. Eric Scott ( hosted a great 2-day class on using your visual journal to reflect upon the past year. He also encouraged us to think about the new year and how you want to spend it. My journal is far from finished but I am so energized and refreshed by this auspicious beginning! I hope to take one of Eric’s online sessions in the near future–he is a wonderful instructor.

My journal cover