Sunshine and Spring

Today it finally feels like a warm, sunny, clear, beautiful, delightful spring day! The small woods behind our house is full of may apples–so pretty. No mosquitoes yet….

Fun Project!

I just completed my homage to Phyllis Diller (1917-2012), a book created from a recycled photo album. She made an impression on my as a kid watching television — on a black and white tv. She was so bold, funny, brash and uninhibited–I had never seen anything like that before. The pages are paper laminated with plastic and stitched with colorful trims. Thanks for the memories Ms. Diller!

Delightful Stitching Project

I have had a lot of fun–off and on–over the past year stitching on my RANDOM project! Talented, creative art pal, Shirley, designed RANDOM as a way to try out different stitches, explore working spontaneously, and have fun with wonderful materials. She provided a treasure bag of fabrics, beads, threads, embellishments along with a hand dyed piece of cotton 26″ square. Many thanks to Shirley for being a Number 1 art super star!

Brooklyn Art Library Rocks!

I just finished my book for The Sketchbook Project, hosted by the Brooklyn Art Library There are already over 49,000 sketchbooks in the collection. My sketchbook will become part of the permanent collection–it is so exciting! The project will be complete in August, although the dates may change up considering COVID-19. I am looking forward to seeing the submissions online later this year!

QSDS Challenge

I had a blast making my four 12″ square quilts for the Quilt and Surface Design Symposium 2020! “The Challenged Ones” is a group of fabric artists that make 4 small quilts, following a theme, each year. 2020’s theme is 1, 2, 3, 4—any supplies acceptable. I am looking forward to seeing the group’s quilts in early June, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio.