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Having Fun Making a Book I collaged the 2 wooden covers with book pages and tissue paper. Then I created shaped pages with painted, non woven interfacing and watercolor paper. The binding rings that hold it all together are embellished with beads, sequins, safety pins and fabric strips–loads of fun to make! Finally, I wrote in quotes from some of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs, circa 1976.

“Wish You Were Here” book with watercolor paper pages and collage–pages were first washed with pale watercolor colors. The flaps incorporate photocopies of postcards written by my Mother over the years. Loved working on this book!

Exhibit of my Work Next Month! I will showing recent work, from the past two years, at the Fine Arts Gallery, November 8-23. Mott Community College houses a nice art gallery in the Visual Arts & Design Center–check it out! Please note: View my art talk live on YouTube–it is not a public event due to pandemic precautions There is a free parking lot next to the VADC building–masks required.

Classes at Flint Institute of Arts

I enjoyed several young artists yesterday at the Art School ! We experimented with scribble drawings first–where imaginative adults and children worked together on a drawing. Later, creative young women made butterflies with collaged papers, tape, and drawing. WOW–everyone did a fabulous job of making art on a Saturday! Thanks to the Art School … Continue reading Classes at Flint Institute of Arts

Exhibit at Haslett Public Library (CADL branch)

Thomas Moore, librarian, and Haslett Public Library are displaying a 9/11 remembrance exhibit this month–it is wonderful. You can also add your own commemorative artwork panel to the 9/11 wall. Honor your feelings about twenty years after September 11, 2001.