I enjoyed a wonderful class with Rosalie Dace last week at the Quilt & Surface Design Symposium! I participated in a 7-day independent study workshop, held at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. SO MUCH inspiration, energy, fun, laughter, and art making–super creativity!! Saw lots and lots of stellar textile work–yummy.  Thank you to Michigan Council of Arts & Cultural Affairs for a professional development grant that supplemented my registration fees.

ARTpath is Installed!

Many thanks to friends, Connie and Barb, who helped me yesterday to put up 17 umbrellas, a pom pom garland, and infuse the morning with good cheer and excitement.  We were also lucky to have pleasant weather in the morning for installation.  19 volunteer POMETTES in the Lansing area worked April-May to produce fun & fuzzy pom poms!  WKAR

I could not have completed “Follow Your Bliss” without their kind assistance;  Judi M., Barb S., Connie H., Linda B., Michelle D., Marlene C., Robin S., Deb B., Zahrah R., Kathy H., Dianne T., Wendy S., Debbie V., Jane T., Marti C., Sarah E., Carol W-D., Suzanne Z., and Shirley B.

A special thank you to my husband who tolerated all of these preparations for the past two months!!  Teamwork gets art done!  State News

With art installations, sometimes there are unexpected visitors!!


Making Progress on ARTpath!

I’m slowly moving forward on installing “Follow Your Bliss”—-my ARTpath installation along the Lansing River Trail in Lansing, Michigan.  My site is by the Old Town Bridge–this week I am working on decorating a stretch of fence by the bridge.  ARTpath is a fabulous project sponsored by the Lansing Art Gallery. ARTpath

Umbrella Land in our garage!
A garage full of umbrellas waiting for installation on June 1st!



Coloring Club was FUN Today!

I met up with the Delta Township District Library coloring club group today, 1:00-3:00PM, and fully enjoyed myself.  What a wonderful, pleasant and creative group!  Some folks brought their own supplies and some attendees used provided supplies.  It is free and sooooooooo relaxing!

Umbrellas Rule!

I’m making progress on creative umbrellas for my ARTpath installation at Old Town Bridge, Lansing, MI.  I also have numerous friends making pom poms to decorate the installed umbrellas.  The opening reception is June 8th, 6-8PM–I will be out of town (in Ohio) but it will be a grand event!  ARTpath