ICAD 2019

I am having so much fun with the Index Card a Day challenge from Daisy Yellow https://daisyyellowart.com/! We create art on index cards during June and July each year–what a blast! This year I am using 3 X 5″ cards. Thank you Tammy Garcia for your direction and sponsorship!

Driving in the Country

While driving near Bancroft, Michigan, yesterday, I spotted a small cemetery. It was peaceful and quiet so I stopped and walked around a bit. Aligning a large field and serenaded by birds, I saw several old tombstones that had fallen onto the ground in years past. It was intriguing and interesting how the stones are becoming part of the earth (again). A beautiful place at the curve in the road…..

Creating Mandalas

Eight students and I had a great time this afternoon creating mandalas. We met in the Maker Studio at East Lansing Public Library for lots of creativity and imagination. Mandalas can be simple radial designs that promote mindfulness, peacefulness, and meditation. I was most impressed by how these students exercised their innate creativity to make delightful, unique mandalas! Thank you to Cathy Blatnik and All Faith Ministry for disABILITIES for providing a great afternoon.

QSDS Rocks!

I spent a fantastic weekend in Columbus, Ohio, at the 30th Quilt & Surface Design Symposium (http://www.qsds.com/aboutqsds.html)! In spite of Friday night’s heavy rain it was a beautiful sunny weekend inside and out of the Columbus College of Art and Design. I took a 2-day workshop with Lisa Binkley (http://www.lisabinkley.com) which was stupendous! With Lisa’s gentle guidance and delicate insights we stitched and stitched and stitched……”In the Boro Spirit” is a workshop I recommend to anyone who loves repurposing AND handwork. I also participated in the annual QSDS exhibition, The Challenged Ones–our challenge was to embody red, yellow, green, and blue in 12″ square quilts. Thanks again to all who make QSDS happen–it is terrific!

CitizenShip Show Coming Soon!

citizenSHIP: on the balance between the people and the state

A community work-in-progress on the balance between the people and the state. 

Our Ship of State has hit rough waters, rocked by globalization, broadening income and education gaps, and loss of jobs to new technologies.People are sharply divided between urban and rural communities and ideology; while women, African Americans, minorities and immigrants are sometimes treated like non-citizens, nurturing a culture of fear. The free press and voting rights are under attack from the highest offices. Though our constitution has evolved over time and continues to be reinterpreted, it is often only to the benefit of the few. 

The Exhibition

Juried artwork will be shown on the walls and pedestals.  Participation by different community partners will happen each weekend, with hands-on art making that will add work to the exhibition. A central platform will be built in the shape of a ship that viewers can climb up and walk around on, a soapbox, a space for experimental thinking, where artwork created during workshops will be added. The aim is a community dialogue about how to construct our own version of what citizenship should be.

Call for Art

Call for work in all media from artists of all ages addressing the balance between the people and the role of the state. What does it mean to be an American citizen right now? Do walls and borders make a nation? What does it take to maintain the human rights that have been deemed “unalienable”? What essential role does the State play? How do you see citizenship right now, how should it be in the future?

Juror – Valerie Mann – her work explores the place where 2D and 3D meet, and the shadows behind them. Growing up on a working farm, she finds physical labor releases her imagination. She teaches at Washtenaw Community College, gives adult classes at Saline’s Salt Valley Arts and in programs throughout the county for at-risk and special needs teens.  Her work is in public and private collections throughout the US and abroad. She is part-owner of WSG gallery in Ann Arbor, lives and works in Saline, MI. 

Submit to: EntryThingy WCAMI by July 2.

Warning–You May be Offended

I am angry, sad, appalled, concerned, and worried that Alabama has passed an anti-abortion law. This action by the governor and the state is WRONG and hurtful to many, many women. I protest!!! Abortion rights are necessary and vital to womens’ rights. “Alabama’s ban is the latest in an onslaught of state-level anti-abortion measures that activists hope will be taken up by the Supreme Court and potentially overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that protects a woman’s right to the procedure.” https://www.cbsnews.com/news/alabama-abortion-law-governor-kay-ivey-signs-near-total-ban-today-live-updates-2019-05-15/ UPHOLD ROE vs. WADE AMERICA!

Let us move forward–this is backwards!! This is a magazine advertisement from the 70s

For crocheters, http://www.hijennybrown.com/crochet-coat-hanger/

And there’s more……https://www.stopabortionbans.org/moveon/?source=moveon&s=0&fbclid=IwAR3WWgUo5ijR6TM2E2_wF8HqNyMRRHZPN2Nj0uy__Qn3faOYyCBN-i_5FKM