Flint Institute of Arts Art School

Yesterday young artists created landscapes with collage–the scissors and glue were flying. I taught “Collage a Landscape” in the Art School–artists ages 4-8 made fantastic new landscapes during the day. We ranged from Mars to the beach to the ocean to gardens and everything in between! Some of the artists had reliable assistants too (THANKS MOMs!!). Classes run through August 14th–https://flintarts.org/learn/news

Zooming Through Class…

This past Saturday was the first session in SMALL BOOKS, MINI-JOURNALS, AND ZINES, an online workshop with Eric Scott (https://ericscottart.com/online-workshops). We are playing with papers and dry/wet media–I love it! I am looking forward to the next 5 sessions. It is refreshing to take a break from “other stuff” in my life.

Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project

I am happy to complete my sketchbook for the 2021 Sketchbook Project https://brooklynartlibrary.org/participate. I also participated last year and it is a wonderful process and adventure! You order a blank book from the Brooklyn Art Library and fill it up! The 2021 books are due in early August. My theme for this sketchbook was remembering my Mom with love, including a few images of my female relatives. I used collage, drawing, and rubber stamps on my pages. If you are not familiar with the Sketchbook Project, check it out today!

20th Anniversary of 9/11

In honor of the 20th anniversary (2001-2021) of the 9/11 attacks I am making memorial flags. Using felt or fabric, I am sewing a heart design inspired by artist, animator, and author, R.O. Blechman. I clipped his drawing from The New York Times in September, 2001, pinning it up in my workroom. Finding upon cleaning late last year I teared up. This drawing still captures the horrible loss, grief, and fear of 9/11.

I contacted Mr. Blechman and he gave his permission to use his drawing as inspiration for making banners. I was overjoyed and impressed when he wrote (and telephoned) to convey his support for my project.

I am hoping that others will wish to create flags too. Find below a link to a brief video–contact me with any questions. MANY THANKS to R.O. Blechman!

My clipping
Outline of Heart Design

Fantastic Face Mask

I received an imaginative and creative face mask kit in the mail! Many thanks to super artist extraordinaire Ms. Kendel! It has been making me laugh with delight all week! Now I am prepared for anything in 2021…….

A springtime mask kit!
The base is plastic canvas, 6 x 10″


MLK Holiday Art Contest

Today I went to the MSU Art Lab to view the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Art Contest, sponsored by Delta Dental. The exhibition is inspired by Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech: “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” The artworks vary in style and materials and there is a wonderful video playing in the room too. The visual statements provide much thought and reflection. The show ends on April 25th.

Allen Neighborhood Center Farewell

With the pandemic I miss meeting up with the Senior Discovery group at the Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing, Michigan. This month two of the lovely and lively members passed away and they will be sorely missed. I enjoyed their participation in my goofy art projects many times pre-pandemic. So long Georgia and Judy.


I made a small book about my childhood cat, Precious. She was all white, wonderful, and the source of happy memories. I used recycled plastic pieces (3 1/2 x 5″) to make the pages, crocheted together with hand dyed wool and silk yarns. Thanks to a generous friend for the cool sewing threads to attach the recycled buttons and fabric notes.