I grew up in central Michigan, entertaining myself with an active imagination and outdoor play. My Mother sewed so I had fabric scraps to play with, along with teaching me to sew. During childhood, we often visited museums, movies, and art exhibitions. My great aunt could knit or crochet anything using yarn, plastic bread bags, or recycled fabric. My paternal grandmother hooked and crocheted rugs with repurposed wool coats and skirts she collected and dyed. My sister taught me to knit and a friend’s mother showed me crochet in sixth grade.

I truly enjoyed making clothes and sewing—my first “real” job was at JoAnn Fabrics. My parents always encouraged my creativity and provided me with weaving lessons in high school. I then pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in weaving and textile design. In 1990, I returned to graduate school and trained as a librarian. I have worked in public, academic, and special libraries since 1992.

My mixed media collages incorporate fiber, yarn and fabric as well as stitching, knitting, and crochet. Love of color, pattern, texture and a sense of humor infuses my artwork. As a librarian, I enjoy incorporating bits and pieces from books and magazines into mixed media collages. I also enjoy learning to make my own simple books and journals.

Repurposing nontraditional materials into new and unexpected fabrics and objects consistently motivates me.  Making art and looking at art are lifelong passions. Visual art is my primary mode of communication since words seem inadequate—plus I love making things with my hands.

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  1. I know all are having a blast while learning.


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    1. The kids–AND adults–are so much fun!


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