20th Anniversary of 9/11

In honor of the 20th anniversary (2001-2021) of the 9/11 attacks I am making memorial flags. Using felt or fabric, I am sewing a heart design inspired by artist, animator, and author, R.O. Blechman. I clipped his drawing from The New York Times in September, 2001, pinning it up in my workroom. Finding upon cleaning late last year I teared up. This drawing still captures the horrible loss, grief, and fear of 9/11.

I contacted Mr. Blechman and he gave his permission to use his drawing as inspiration for making banners. I was overjoyed and impressed when he wrote (and telephoned) to convey his support for my project.

I am hoping that others will wish to create flags too. Find below a link to a brief video–contact me with any questions. MANY THANKS to R.O. Blechman!

My clipping
Outline of Heart Design

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