I Won 3rd Place!

“Happy June from TheArtList! 
 “Art takes courage.” –  Henri Matisse. We are thrilled to recognize a few fantastic artists who submitted their work to our monthly art contest in May: 1st Place: Deana Markus, 2nd Place: Nathan Moon, 3rd Place: Jane Reiter, and most audience votes Viewer’s Choice: Donna Maine Smith.  We post new calls several times a week – and occasionally some of them have a very short submission window.  – TheArtList.com Editors

Deana Markus - Artist of the Month

FIRST PLACE WINNER: Deana Markus was selected as the Artist of the Month with her painting: Winter Barns.  Deana Markus is a self-taught artist who has been seriously creating art since 2011.  She began by using colored pencil and enjoys that medium immensely.  As Deana began to develop her personal style she found that she needed additional mediums to express what her spirit wants to share, such as colored pencil, oils, acrylics, and pastels. See more of her work and at: https://www.theartlist.com/aom_06_20.html

Nathan Moon

SECOND PLACE WINNER: Nathan Moon is a West Asian artist who lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and children. He graduated from University of California at Davis in 1995 with a B.A. of Fine Arts. He has worked with some of the most influential artists of our time, including Frank Stella, Jeff Koons and Bruce Nauman. Current works are watercolor and guache on cotton rag paper. Visit Nathan’s website to see more of his work at: https://www.nathan-moon.com/

Jane Reiter

THIRD PLACE WINNER: Jane Reiter is an artist living in Delta Township, Eaton County, MI. She uses mixed media collage as her primary expression, incorporating fiber, yarn and fabric along with stitching and glueing.  Love of color, pattern, texture and a sense of humor infuses her artwork.  Visit Jane’s website to see more of her work at: https://retreadart.com/

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