Book-y Fun

I have been having fun working on a few simple books–repurposing 3-ring binders from the thrift shop. I am inspired by Ingrid Dijkers and her wonderful workshops–check out her class schedule One book is inspired by photographs of Maori women, circa 1890s. The National Library of New Zealand’s website contains numerous astounding and incredible images. The other book is inspired by all the cats and dogs I’ve had as pets since childhood. I have deep, over the top emotional attachments to my pets. The random black and white snapshots remind me of childhood, in addition to mourning their passing. The snapshots also remind me of my Mother, who had her photo album full of black and white snapshots from her youth. I loved looking through it as a kid and I also mourn her death.

2 responses to “Book-y Fun”

  1. I love this idea, and these are wonderful!!

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  2. Thanks Katie! I certainly have enough fabric around to make many, many books!


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