Fabulous Design Workshop

I participated in a great 1-day design workshop taught by Heather Jones, http://www.heatherjonesstudio.com/, last month! As a member of the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, I can take advantage of wonderful workshops and speakers throughout the year. Heather braved a snowy weekend in Ann Arbor (January 18-20) to visit Washtenaw Community College. I took her class on designing a quilt using a photograph as inspiration–we drew our interpretations of the simplified, distilled image for our quilt designs. It was most inspiring! and I recommend Heather as a teacher!!

This is my photograph that I studied.

2 responses to “Fabulous Design Workshop”

  1. Have you started making your design or are you still in the abstracting stage? I have not started mine, but I was looking at it last night and am ready to begin! Shall I challenge you to get to a final design AND make something from it? Mine will NOT be a full size quilt, by the way!

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  2. YES I need to translate my idea to fabric! I want to make it into a small wall piece but haven’t started yet. Hopefully I do it by the end of the year?!?!!? 🙂

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