Wonderful Feedback

I have received many many interesting and inspiring comments about “Follow Your Bliss”!  I am so happy to be part of ARTpath (LAG) this summer–it’s been an incredible experience!

This is incredible Jane! Visually stunning 🌸Thank you for sharing your beautiful vision with the world

WOW , It’s amazing . What a ton of beautiful work you’ve produced . You always , shock , amaze and inspire me .

You are awesome!

This is amazing! Jane’s joy of life shows through loud and clear!

Loved it! Except my dog was way too interested in all the pom poms!

A wonderful installation by the incomparable Jane Reiter, Artist (everyone that passed by was smiling)!

Wonderful installation!

It was exciting to help out! I had never made a Pom Pom before. I learned a new skill! Thanks for the opportunity to be a Pomette.

Beautifull umbrellas!

Utterly Fantabulous!

This makes me feel so joyful!

It reminds me of your personality. You’re so uplifting, cheerful and just a joy to be around.

I love ARTpath!

Jane, my granddaughter and I went to Old Town today and saw your installation.  It is wonderful to see eat walking east on Grand River.  It is beautiful to see the tops of the umbrellas and how the colors dance around. We went down the spiral staircase and looked up close.They are all beautiful but we both preferred looking at it at a distance. It is easier to experience the flow.

Jane, your installation is an incredible hit! People on the trail were raving about it! Great job!!!

Lots of good reviews as we stopped to take photos!


Your piece is truly remarkable and a true gem along The Art Path- Follow Your Bliss!  Congrats on a fab job!  Applause, applause.

What joy you bring to the world.

Let’s have a Pomette Party!!!!!35734901_10212388421845717_3192846552901091328_n



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