Break Through a Block


Designed for those moments when you feel hindered and stymied


By doing something else. Take a technique that is unfamiliar or out of your routine—post-its, Haiku, papier mache, watercolor crayons, India Ink—and create something entirely unrelated to your primary project/goal.  Your mind will start clicking into a creative space.  Creativity embodies problem solving and finding connections that do not yet exist.  Remember, you will work through this challenge.


Seek out inspiration in new, nonobvious places;

Walking the neighborhood or a park

Reading children’s books

An atlas or travel guide

The cereal aisle

Flea market/antique store

Bicycle riding

Talking to Mom or Dad

Hardware store




Wallpaper or paint color samples

Shake up your routine and get out of a rut.  Be open minded—do not play the expert and learn something totally new. Listen more than you speak to gain new perspectives.   Ask yourself over and over, “What if…….?”  Inspiration appears when we consider that what we believe may not be true or singular.


What looks like creative, spectacular brilliance comes from a steady, ongoing, regular practice of seeing, thinking, and working creatively.  Also, if you want to be innovative you have to challenge the way things are and change them.

Search for and collect artifacts that relate to your purpose/mission.  Artifacts can be photos, quotes, interviews, physical items, websites, and artists, whatever gets your juices going.  Study and contemplate your collection to discover the golden nugget or gem that you need right now!


A creative block simply shows that it is time to use a different approach/mindset.  It is okay and expected to try about ten different things before arriving at success.

Arrggghhh—I’m stuck!

Do something physical that requires little thinking/preplanning.

Help someone else accomplish their task/project.

Talk to friends who are also creative folks.

Set up a limit for yourself and dive into a project—limit the time, color selection, process, size, materials, etc.

Look for something else to solve.

Meditate, have a cup of tea, do yoga, or listen to music for a while.

SOURCE:  http://www.unstuck.comCHromaBanner





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