Flint Festival of Quilts 2017/part #2

On Thursday the 12th, I also enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Joe Cunningham (Joe The Quilter) about his quilting life.  He has a most interesting exhibit of quilts in the Greater Flint Arts Council gallery, 816 South Saginaw Street, Flint, MI (GFAC). I enjoyed meeting him and seeing some of his quilts, which were about 6′ x 6′.  He was an entertaining speaker and shared his love of fabric art, along with answering all questions in good humor.  I then traveled to the Flint Public Library  (FPL) to view the 28th Annual Exhibit of the Flint African American Quilters Guild.  It was a colorful and lively show with lots of intriguing quilts.  What a nice day for me!JCmapJCmapDetailJCstarryJCstarryDetailJCthereseMayJCthereseMayDetailJCties

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