Welcome to my new web site!  I am consolidating my two blogs (Retread Blog) and (Tangle Wrangler) into one site, retreadart.com.   THANK YOU all for your support of my creative endeavors!


I took an art quilt workshop June 5-9 at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium 2017 in Columbus, Ohio (QSDS).  I studied with Rosalie Dace (Rosalie Dace) and it was super excited!  The class “Positively Line and Shape” emphasized strong design to create a successful quilt that is NOT boring.  As a scholarship recipient, I also donated a small quilt for the “Mini Art Quilt Auction” fundraiser on June 9th.

UPDATE:  This was a super fabulous week of learning and creativity!  The workshop was really good and I enjoyed Rosalie as a teacher—she has much to offer.  She  brought along some of her own pieces to show us in class–WOW!  Fellow students and teachers were friendly and enthusiastically shared knowledge.  The facility is perfect for classes and dorm life was comfortable–it’s been a long, long time since I stayed in a dorm.  I had three delightful suitemates too.    We also took a bus trip to The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens to view the Quilt National ’17 exhibit, which was loads of fun.  I heartily recommend the QSDS experience to any and all who are interested!DaceJaneSewsResz

My most favorite helper in the art room…ChooChoosQuilt